....We Genuinely Care For Your Physical & Mental Wellbeing....

    All clients at Allevi8 are treated as individuals. There isn't a one fix solution so we wont treat you that way.

    The only thing that we ask is that you work with us as a team so together we can create a plan to get you back to moving optimally. We value that everyone is unique so;


    .....We wont rush you out of the door.....


    .....If we're late to an appointment, we'll make up the time.....


    .....You won't be treated as a number.....


    .....If we can't help you, then we'll find someone who can.....


    .....You can trust that we have your best interest at heart.....


    Allevi8 is located within Crossfit Bounce. An incredible gym that is also home to some very talented Crossfitters and Weightlifters but more importantly some very kind and humble people.

    Crossfit Bounce has an incredible family feel and every member is cared for as a part of something bigger. Maybe you'd like to try Crossfit??


    Call or text: 0423 796 423

  • Our Services

    .....Below you can find a list of what we do within Allevi8.....


    .....The easiest way for us to help you is by identifying.....

    What movements do you struggle with?


    Do you have trouble hanging the washing?

    Do your headaches come back only when your at work?

    Are you struggling to get deeper in your squat?

    Do you have trouble kneeling on the ground?

    Do you feel pain when you bend over to pick something up? 


    By letting us know your limits we can help create solutions to produce more movement.


    Do you struggle with any of the following?

    -Back Pain -Sciatica -Disc Bulges -Tension Headaches -TMJ (jaw pain)

    -Muscular Tension -Regular Body Maintenance/Injury Prevention -Neck and Shoulder Pain -Hip Pain -Knee Pain -Ankle Pain -Heel Pain etc.

    Postural Assessment

    By observing how your body is currently moving, we can tailor a treatment plan to suit your goals and get you back to optimal positioning.

    We’ll look over your posture, test your joint range and see what movement you have and see what may or may not be limiting you!! We take an overall and holistic approach to our treatments!!




    There’s so many benefits to getting a massage!!

    Whether you’d like to relieve some stress and tension, get back to playing sport or prevent yourself from an injury, pressing, rubbing and manipulating the skin has incredible effects.

    We use a combination of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilisations, Dry Needling, Myofascial Release (MFR), Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Techniques (NMT) to get the best results for each individual.

    Pregnancy Massage

    HEY MAMA!!!

    Allevi8 is able to help all of the pregnant mamas out there. While we don't utilise a pregnancy pillow at this stage we can treatment mama's side-lying and on their backs depending on what is comfortable for them. A number of pregnant mamas have walked through Allevi8's door and have loved having their body cared for while it is going through extraordinary changes in our safe environment.

    Joint Mobilisation


    Quite often our joints are put under a lot of load that can lead them to being stubborn e.g. computer use, exercise, labouring jobs etc. When joints become dysfunctional as a result of trauma, overuse, or disuse, they are unable to perform movements for which they were designed.

    Joint mobilisation is a manual technique applied to dysfunctional joints in order to restore them to their optimal function.



    ...especially if you don’t mind having a few bruises for a week. It utilises suction and pressure to:


    Encourage blood flow

    Relax the nervous system

    Relieve muscular pain

    Calm high blood pressure

    Dry needling


    Dry needling utilises the insertion of very think filiform needles into the muscle in order to elicit certain responses. Sometimes hands can only do so much and having another tool such as dry needling provides more treatment options and results for the therapist and client.


    These include:

    Increased muscle activation

    Decreased pain

    Improves pain regulation

    Increased range of motion

    Basic Rehabilitation


    At Allevi8 we like to teach you the general principles of good posture and show you how easy it is to incorporate into your daily life. Very simply, good posture:


    Is keeping your bones and joints in good alignment

    Helps to decrease abnormal joint wearing

    Decreases the stress on ligaments and muscles holding the body together

    Prevents muscular pain

    Contributes to a good appearance and body confidence


    Self-management and movement techniques such a stretching, trigger pointing and foam rolling can also be incorporated as part of a treatment plan. Self-management increases and individual’s knowledge of their own body and allows them to lead the way in their recovery.

    Corporate Massage & Sport's team Treatment

    Allevi8 has worked with varying company's to implement massage into the work place. Since creating "Corporate Massage Day's" it has seen to have incredible health benefits for staff and also the culture of the work place.

    You're welcome to contact allevi8 at celeste@allevi8.com.au to discuss how we can help your workplace and what is needed.


    Allevi8 has worked with a number of Athletes and Sporting Teams including:

    The Australian Wallabies

    QLD State of Origin

    Australian Kangaroos

    Australian Jilaroos

    Australian Women's Rugby 7's

    The QLD Reds

    Brisbane Broncos

    Brisbane Bullets

    Gold Coast Titans

    Brumbies Rugby Union

    AUS & NZ Olympic Weightlifting Athletes



    You can rest assured knowing that we know how to handle ourselves when working with high performing athletes and professional sporting teams.


  • Pricing For Treatment

    30min Musculoskeletal Treatment - $55

    45min Musculoskeletal Treatment - $77

    60min Musculoskeletal Treatment - $99

    90min Musculoskeletal Treatment - $140





    Email: celeste@allevi8.com.au

    Call or text: 0423 796 423



    - Allevi8 runs a professional service and we understand that sickness and incidents occur which leads to appointment cancellations. If a client has to cancel within 6hours of their appointment a cancellation fee of 30% will apply.

    - This payment will be made before the client is next treated and the current appointment fee will be paid at the same time.

    - Allevi8 will always send a reminder message to clients one day before their next appointment to keep cancellations and no-shows to a minimum.


    Further Notes:

    - If you arrive late to your appointment your therapist will treat until your original appointment end time unless changed by the therapist.

    - If you are running late we can alter the length of your appointment and the price of the appointment keeping in mind that your treatment plan may change. We will stay as close to schedule as possible to create fairness for all therapists and clients.

    - We will always work with you as best we can and respect you and your life. We only ask that you do the same for us.


    For any questions or clarification call or text: 0423 796 423

  • Meet Our Team

    ....We're here to help you....

    Celeste CaRSON

    Owner of Allevi8 MST Health and Musculoskeletal Therapist

    Contact Celeste: celeste@allevi8.com.au



    Bachelor of Health Science - Musculoskeletal Therapy

    Diploma of Remedial Massage

    Certificate IV in Massage Therapy

    Avatar Master at the International Avatar Course



    Celeste has been practising for almost 10 years and has been the owner of Allevi8 for 5 years. Celeste has incredible passion for helping people with their physical body and mind. Celeste frequently attends courses within Australia and overseas that relate to consciousness and also has a huge love for sport.

    Celeste has worked with some incredible sporting teams and athletes throughout her career so far.


    Athletes and teams include:

    Tia Clair-Toomey: Crossfit Fittest Woman on Earth 2017

    Damon Kelly: Olympic Weightlifter and Olympian

    Andrea Miller: Olympic Weightlifter and Commonwealth Games Athlete

    Erika Yamasaki: Olympic Weightlifter, Commonwealth Games Athlete

    Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Bullets, Queensland Maroons, Queensland Reds, Australian QANTAS Wallabies

    Rhys Carson

    Owner of MoveNew MST & Musculoskeletal Therapist

    Contact Rhys: movenewmst@gmail.com



    Bachelor of Health Science - Musculoskeletal Therapy

    Cert. III & IV Fitness



    Rhys practices from his clinic in Woolongabba, Brisbane. While Rhys isn't located on site at Allevi8 he's an important part of the team as we liaise and collaborate together on how best to help clients and each other.


    Actively participating in Golf, Gymnastics, Marital arts, Ultimate Frisbee, Olympic Lifting, Cross-fit, and Cross country from a young age has given Rhys a firm grasp on, and first hand experience with, the basics of human movement.

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